Indexing of geometric figures.
Exact/fuzzy search and recognition of geometric figures.

The NBITSearch module allows to create indexes, each of which supports an efficient exact and fuzzy search in billions source geometric figures.

Geometric figures can be indexed by mapping them to NBIT-primitives.

Source objects can be represented by polygons (by polygonal shapes).

For instance, a user can map source polygons to the functions for their indexing and search by means of NBITSearch.

A user sends these representations to NBITSearch. Then the module maps each of received functions to some masks and processes these masks with the use of built-in methods.

Thus, NBITSearch automatically transforms a task of indexing (search of) source polygons into task of indexing (search of) some numeric masks.

NBITSearch allows:

– to identify polygons in huge indexed sets,
– to find in these sets the polygons which differ from a pattern by various criteria with inaccuracy given by a user.

Adjusting of search inaccuracy can be realized by means of interface like similar adjusting is realized in standard oscillograph by means of spinning knobs.

Samples of search result in a large array of polygons see pictires below, Video and Test.

Fig.1. Search pattern

Fig.2. Search result in a large array of polygons

Fig.3. Search pattern

Fig.4. Search result in a large array of polygons

Fig.5. Search pattern

Fig.6. Search result in a large array of polygons

The most obvious applications of this technology of geometric figures indexing include:

– geophysics,
– surveying,
– cartography,
– navigation,
– astronomy,
– astrophysics.

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