Indexing of objects by fuzzy parameters

Multidimensional parallelepipeds (hyperparallelepipeds) are NBIT-primitives.

Col [1]
Col [2]
Col [m]
1 – 9
3 – 3
0 – 0
4 – 6
2 – 7
9 – 9
5 – 6
0 – 5
6 – 6
Table 1. The sample of m-dimensional parallelepipeds
as sets of exact/fuzzy parameters.

Each multidimensional parallelepiped should be defined by dimensionality and set of its vertexes.

Search of multidimensional parallelepipeds in NBITSearch is being carried out by their normalized form in accordance with search criterion and inaccuracy given by the user.

Adjusting of search inaccuracy can be realized by means of interface like similar adjusting is realized in standard oscillograph by means of spinning knobs.

NBITSearch allows to create indexes, each of which supports an efficient (fast) search of billions of source parallelepipeds.

An array of any objects which are mapped to multidimensional parallelepipeds can be indexed with the use of NBITSearch.

Events or processes can represent such objects. They have fuzzy (interval) values such as:

– a weight of a structure is about 25 ~ 30 tons,
– a height of a criminal is about 170 ~ 175 cm,
– a life time of microscopic particle is about 16 ~ 17 nanosecond,
– a car speed is about 100 ~ 110 kilometers per hour,
– a radiation frequency is about 1200 ~ 1300 Hz,
– an error of measuring temperature is about 150° ~ 200° ,
– a distance to a Star is about 85 ~ 86 light years.

If data are not defined, then they correspond to the entire range of possible values of data types in paired columns corresponding to these data. For instance, if this type of data is "__int32", than this range is (–2147483647 – 1) ~ 2147483647.

Interval nature of data can stem, in particular, from:

– inaccurate information about these data,
– inaccuracy of measurements,
– objective fuzziness of data, for instance, in view of Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Indexing and search of multidimensional parallelepipeds in NBITSearch is similar to indexing and search of such tabled data the columns of tables of which are paired and therefore contain minimum and maximum numerical values. These values can relate to virtual and material objects, events and processes of any kind.

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