1. NBITSearch module

NBITSearch is a search programme kernel:

– for local stations,
– for local-area networks (LAN),
– for Internet.

Parameters of NBITSearch allow to use it for significant acceleration of solving search tasks in huge databases at minimum use of RAM and disk space.

Adjusting of search inaccuracy in the NBITSearch can be realized by means of interface like similar adjusting is realized in standard oscillograph by means of spinning knobs.

2. NBITSearch advantages over counterparts

No What So what?
1. Object indexing (as from version 1.03.3). It allows to index objects S of any types.
2. Multifunctional indexing (as from version 1.03.3). It allows to index objects simultaneously by a set of any functions F(S).
3. Very fast search. It allows to save time and money.
4. Infinitesimal size of indexes. It allows to save disk space considerably.
5. Minimum use of RAM during search. It allows to work in parallel with any other software without impeding its performance.
6. Indexing and very fast exact and fuzzy search of functions, matrixes and spectra. It allows to index and search for any objects which are mapped to functions, matrixes or spectra (e.g., music, signals, images, video, sources of the radiations, etc.).
7. Controlling by a search accuracy with receiving the results in real time simultaneously on a local station. It allows to analyse the search results instantly and make appropriate decisions.
8. Visualization of search inaccuracy. It allows to evaluate quality of search in real time.

Search Technology developed with support from FASIE
foundation formed by the Government of Russian Federation
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