Indexing of objects of any type.
Exact/fuzzy search and recognition of objects.

The NBITSearch module processes objects of any types, including objects of standard SQL-types and NBIT-primitives.

The table shown below contains the examples of indexable objects and appropriate search problems which can be solved with the use of NBIT-primitives.

Search for pieces of functions, form of which is similar to a form of a given piece in order to discover some patterns and laws.
Search for matrixes similar to a given matrix in order to discover some patterns and laws.
Multidimensional parallelepipeds
Search for any objects including events and processes parameters of which have fuzzy (interval) values.
Geometric figures
Search for figures, form (or any other given parameter) of which is similar to a form (or any other given parameter) of a given figure.
Search for images similar to sample.
Video objects
Search for movies (and appropriate positions in them) containing a frame similar to given one or containing sequences of frames similar to given one.
Micro (nano) objects
Search for particles (proteins, molecules, etc.) the atomic model of which is similar to atomic model of given particle as well as search for ensembles of particles (proteins, molecules, etc.) the combination of which is similar to a combination of given ensemble of particles.
Search for spectra which are similar to a given spectrum in order to determine nature of its source.
Sound (voice, music, songs)
Search for people by their voice frequency, sound timbre and any other voice parameters as well as a search for music and songs by a motive, recitative, tact, etc.
Prints (traces of any nature)
Search for fingerprints in large data bases for identification of given finger prints.
Photos (portraits)
Search for people having any relevance to any photo or search for people by their photos.
Events (processes of any nature)
Search for events or groups of events in large databases containing parameters at which these events occur.
Search for signals including signals with noises the form of which is similar to the form of given signal in order to discover some states of a source.
Texts (archives, codes)
Search for coded texts including compressed texts containing given piece of a text that possibly contain errors in large databases without having recourse to operation of decoding (decompression).
Search for trends in quotations which have a form similar to a given in order to extrapolate current market situation.
Search for geographic coordinates of a place on the Earth by a given photo in order to locate the place where the photo was made.

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