Indexing of spectra.
Exact/fuzzy search and recognition of spectra.

The NBITSearch module allows to create indexes, each of which supports an efficient exact and fuzzy search in billions source spectra.

In particular, any optical spectra can be indexed by mapping them to NBIT-primitives.

Fig.1 illustrates the search pattern whereas Fig.2 and Fig.3 illustrate several spectra of the test database, which were received by means of NBITSearch. Ranges of similarity degrees of sought spectra with the search pattern in these two the samples are different.

The search pattern
Fig.1. The search pattern.

Result spectra Result spectra
Fig.2. Spectra similar to the search pattern. Accuracy of search is high.
Fig.3. Spectra similar to the search pattern. Accuracy of search is low.

NBITSearch returns such sets of spectra in real time (see parameters and video in the Test ).

A user sets an accuracy/inaccuracy of search by means of interface, instantly getting the spectra similar to the search pattern on the screen.

inaccuracy of search defines a range of similarity degree between sought spectra and a search pattern.

inaccuracy of search that is equal to zero corresponds to exact search. This means that if there is a sought spectrum in the database, it will be found. The time of exact search is a moment.

A user of NBITSearch SDK has a possibility to implement any rules of his/hers to map spectra to NBIT-primitives.

The most obvious applications of this technology of spectra indexing include:

– physics,
– astrophysics,
– biophysics,
– chemistry,
– geophysics,
– medicine.

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