Novosibirsk Bureau of Information Technology LLC (Novosib-BIT LLC) is research company that of has developed

Technology of multifunctional indexing and managed searching.

The technology is designed for:
– Multifunctional compact indexing of huge sets of any objects,
High-speed search for objects by set of criteria with minimal use of RAM.

The technology is based on results of fundamental mathematic research in the field of search algorithms and data structures. Technology was awarded with Diploma of a Day of Science of the city of Novosibirsk in 2010.

Fast search of functions, matrixes, shapes, im
Fast search of matrixes, shapes, images, mov
Fast search of shapes, images, movies, music
Fast search of images, movies, music, particl
Fast search of movies, music, particles, quoti
Fast search of music, particles, quotations, si
Fast search of particles, quotations, signals, e
Fast search of quotations, signals, events, pro
Fast search of signals, events, processes, tren
Fast search of events, processes, trends, text
Fast search of processes, trends, texts, archiv
Fast search of trends, texts, archives, portrait,
Fast search of texts, archives, portraits, finger
Fast search of archives, portraits, fingerprints,

Search Technology developed with support from FASIE
foundation formed by the Government of Russian Federation
Novosib-BIT LLC 2004 - 2017