Tests of polygons database

Testable objects:
Polygons with centers in Stars of the 2MASS database.

1. Number of polygons 258,155,691
2. Size of the table of polygons on hard disk

29.3 GB
3. Size of the index of polygons

5.7 MB
4. The size of index related to the size of indexed polygons (index was compressed to a half of its initial size) 0.007 %
5. Time of indexing polygons 2 hours 15 minutes
6. The size of RAM used by the shell program

4.6 MB
7. The size of RAM buffers allocated to organize range queries 0.2 MB
8. The size of the total RAM allocated during queries is insignificant: the size of the shell program (4.6 MB) + the size of the unpacked index (4.6 MB) + the size of buffer (0.2 MB).

The entire database remains on the hard disk, RAM is free.

4.6 + 4.6 + 0.2 = 9.4 MB
9. A speed of performance of range queries is very high. See video A tour to the poligons database. The video contains counters. real time

10. For comparison (on test computer):
Time of copying a 1.0 GB file to the same directory
1 min
11. For comparison (on test computer):
Time of compression a 1.0 GB file to format *.rar format
5 min 15 sec
12. For comparison (on test computer):
Time of compression a 1.0 GB file to format *.zip format
4 min 31 sec

Computer used in tests is a standard home desktop computer bought for $ 1000: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20 GHz, 2.99 GB RAM.

Prior to generating the data, indexing and testing, there has been no preparation of the computer done nor has there been any disk defragmentation software used, i.e. the station was used in the current status "as is".

During test queries a disk space of the station was used up by 95 % (full size of disk space is 390 GB).

Platform: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, version 2002, Service Pack 2.

During the tests the computer was connected to the Internet, anti-virus system was active.

When saving the source base on a portable hard disk Seagate FreeAgent, the system works via USB-channel at approximately the same speed. Search time is the same as in case when the database is located on the hard disk.

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